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Project 205a, Construction
Project 119, Flagstone Floor Shelter
Going East
Project 132, Start Of Log Guard Rail--Station 9
Project 132, Start Of Construction Of Guard Rails At Station 00
Project 148, Completion Of A Fireplace
Road At Lake Guernsey Park
Project 117, Museum South Arches Under Construction
Project 132c, Completed Section
Project 205, Completed Road, South End Of Guernsey Dam
Project 153, Partially Completed Sign
To Be Improved By Project 205c
Project 119, Flagstone Floor Shelter
Project 117, Showing Construction Of Exterior Rock Work And Arch Forms In Place
Project 709, Borrow Pit Obliteration Completion
Project 702, Completed Section
Start Of Construction Of Stone Retaining Toe Wall
Project 205, Roadway Below Museum
Project 205, Intersection Of Road To Museum, Lake Shore Drive And To Camp BR-9
Project 138, Sewer Lines Completion