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Bridge and Back Slope Crew
Oregon Trail Ruts Marker In Platte County
Project 702, Fine Grading Road Slopes Completed Section on Museum Road
Project 205a, Construction
Oregon Trail Ruts On The Guernsey National Guard Reservation
Project 119, Flagstone Floor Shelter
Oregon Trail Marker
Going East
Quarry Near Pit No. 2
Oregon Trail Ruts Monument Near Guernsey, Wyoming
Project 132, Start Of Log Guard Rail--Station 9
Oregon Trail Ruts Near Guernsey, Wyoming
Project 132, Start Of Construction Of Guard Rails At Station 00
Lake Guernsey Park
Project 148, Completion Of A Fireplace
Oregon Trail Marker
Project 143, Pipe Lines
Road At Lake Guernsey Park
Project 117, Museum South Arches Under Construction
Project 205, Completed Road, South End Of Guernsey Dam