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P.M.S.S. Company's Vessel "Montana"
Snowed Up In The Rocky Mountains
Steamboats On The Alabama River, Mobile
The Two Sentinels, At The Grove Of Big Trees. Calaveras, California
Missouri River - Ferry At Saint Charles, Missouri River
The Yo-Semite Fall. 2,634 ft
Nigger Gentleman's House, N.C.
Mississippi, At Saint Louis
First Road West Information Sheet
Fort Sumter, Charleston, VA
Laramie - Railway Town On The Prairie
San Francisco From Oakland Ferry Boat
Pine Bluff City, On The Prairie
Houses In Salt Lake City
Steamer, Saint John's River, Florida
Buffalo, United States of America
Map Of The Territory Of The United States From The Mississippi To The Pacific Ocean
San Francisco From Oakland Ferry Boat
Vicksburg, Cemetery, Spanish Fort