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Fort Laramie -- After The Army: Part II, The Community
J.W. Vaughn to L.C. Bishop Letters, Page 3
3.8.   Guslitskaya book design
1.3.   Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov (Russian: Алексей Михайлович) (March 9, 1629 (O.S.) – January 29, 1676 (O.S.))
Burning of Heck Reel Wagon Train
3.4.   Active usage of books by Old Believers.
Civilization's Guardian: Army Aid To Emigrants On The Platte River Road, 1846-1869.
Diary -- 1868
1.6.   Boyarina Morozova - Defender of the Old Belief
A sketch of the Hunton Family in Platte County
1.5.   Church Council of 1666 Condemns the Old Belief
2.8.   Downfall of Irgiz Monasteries
A pioneer life of the twentieth century
1.2.   Beginning of the Raskol (schism) - Patriarch Nikon (Nikita Minin; Born, May 7, 1605 Valmanovo, Russia — Died, August 17, 1681)
1.1.   History of the Old Belief
1.7.   Military Siege of Solovetsky Monastery / History of the Solovetsky Monastery
3.5.   Book writing schools
Kolomenskoye - Church of the Ascension