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4.2.   Updated collection of hand-written books of Saratov University Library
Kolomenskoye - Spassky Gates.XVII
Kolomenskoye - Wooden Palace (XVII) Model
4.1.   New 460 Old Belief books for the Saratov University Library
3.2.  The New Wave of Interest to Old Belief in early XX century
3.7.   Vygovsk writing school
Heck Reel Article
First Road West Information Sheet
2.9.   The significance of Old Belief for the Russian people
1.4.   Service Book of 1655
Goldilocks Revisited
2.1.   Literature of Vygovsky monastery
Kolomenskoye. Peter the Great's House
2.2.   Official recognition of Old Believers
Heck Reel Battle Area
History Of The Diamond Ranch
Kolomenskoye - Gateway Tower of the St. Nikolaus Monastery
Dempsey - Hockaday Trail -- An Experience In history
Fort Laramie -- After The Army: Part II, The Community
J.W. Vaughn to L.C. Bishop Letters, Page 3