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4.2.   Updated collection of hand-written books of Saratov University Library
4.1.   New 460 Old Belief books for the Saratov University Library
3.2.  The New Wave of Interest to Old Belief in early XX century
3.7.   Vygovsk writing school
2.9.   The significance of Old Belief for the Russian people
1.4.   Service Book of 1655
2.1.   Literature of Vygovsky monastery
2.2.   Official recognition of Old Believers
3.8.   Guslitskaya book design
1.3.   Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov (Russian: Алексей Михайлович) (March 9, 1629 (O.S.) – January 29, 1676 (O.S.))
3.4.   Active usage of books by Old Believers.
1.6.   Boyarina Morozova - Defender of the Old Belief
1.5.   Church Council of 1666 Condemns the Old Belief
2.8.   Downfall of Irgiz Monasteries
1.7.   Military Siege of Solovetsky Monastery / History of the Solovetsky Monastery
3.5.   Book writing schools
2.3.   New Official Settlements of Old Believers
1.9.   The Old Believers New Settlements
2.6.   Alteration in official recognition of Old Believers
2.7.   New severe trials for Old Believers.