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Steamboats On The Alabama River, Mobile
The Two Sentinels, At The Grove Of Big Trees. Calaveras, California
Diary of A. H. Chapman
Missouri River - Ferry At Saint Charles, Missouri River
Jacques LaRamie historical marker near Wheatland, Wyoming
Project 702, Fine Grading Road Slopes Completed Section on Museum Road
Lake Guernsey Park Construction
Back-slope (Complete) Sta. 2512+50 Upstream
Barracks 4 and 5 at Lake Guernsey State Park
Trade Beads Found At The Seminoe Trading Post Excavation Site
Oregon Trail/Bozeman Trail Marker
Jacques La Ramie historic marker
Heck Reel Article
Completed Cattle Guard on Cherry Creek Lateral
Lander Trail in the Bridger-Teton National Forest
The Yo-Semite Fall. 2,634 ft
Oregon Trail Rut Segment Near Muddy Gap, Wyoming
Project 117, Museum Construction Work
Bozeman Trail Segment
3,000 Sheep Crossing Platte River At Alcova, Wyoming