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4.3.   P. M. Maltzev's collection
5.2.   Hooked line is a main feature of Old Believers song books
4.7.   Early form of graphics
4.5.   Collection of manuscripts of the State Art Museum
5.1.   Square notation
5.5.   The important roles of song book.
5.8.   Particularity of Old Believers song book
5.6.  Dvoznamenniki notation
5.7.   Guslitskaya book design
4.6.   Dvoznamenniki
5.4.   Famous Old Belief manuscript writer
4.8.   Kinovarnyye pomety
5.3.   Particularity of Old Believers song book
4.9.   The nonlinear notation of putevogo and demestvennogo znameni
4.4.   Manuscripts of Saratov Museum of local lore study