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Lingle Ranch
Wide-brimmed lady's hat
View of Evanston, Wyoming
Spanish Diggings map
Wicker rocking chair
Oglala Sioux Pipe
Sunrise Mines
The Overland Limited" Crossing Hams Fork Bridge, Granger, Wyoming on Union Pacific
Overland Diary Of James Akin Junior
Platte River Dam Site
Rounding Up Beef Cattle Near Casper, Wyoming
Two Bar Ranch on Sybille Creek, Near Wheatland, Wyoming
McClellan Military Saddle, 1858
Mississippi Rifle
Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver
Shomaker Rosewood Pianoforte
Sawmill on Green River, Wyoming
Wheatland Hospital, Nose and Throat Room
Overland Trail Ruts
Oregon Trail At Willie's Handcraft Site