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La Prele Dam, Reinforced Concrete Construction
Glenrock Coal Mine, Converse County, Wyoming
Road Construction Near Douglas, Wyoming
Some Of The Farming Implements On The Morton Farm
Log Cabin Near Douglas, Wyoming
Bill Barrow (The Sage Brush Philosopher's) Ranch House, First Year, Near Douglas, Wyoming
Irrigated Oats On Morton Farm, Near Douglas, Wyoming
The SO Ranch, Careyhurst, Wyoming
Ruins Of Officer's Quarters At Ft. Laramie
Portion Of The Old Ft. Laramie Ruins
The Old Cavalry Barracks, Ft. Laramie, Wyoming
Threshing Oats, Carey Ranch, Converse County
Panoramic View Mortimer Jesurun Ranch, Converse County
"Fetterman" Mortimer Jesurun Ranch, Converse County
Steam Plow At Work On Unland's Farm, Near Douglas, Wyoming
Panoramic View Of Douglas, Wyoming