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Overland Trail Marker
View Near Tipple and Power Plant-Sunrise
Diary of Alex Ramsay
Oregon Trail
Cultivating Alfalfa on the Lingle Ranch
Texas Trail Monument
H. Stemmler Ranch-Goshen Hole
Diary of Alex Ramsay
Panoramic View Of Douglas, Wyoming
Diary of A. H. Chapman
Glenrock Coal Mine, Converse County, Wyoming
A Measuring Weir in Farmers' Lateral, Wheatland Flats
Sunrise, Wyoming
Denecke And Wright's Ranch Home, Natrona County, Wyoming
United States Courthouse and Post Office, Evanston, Wyoming
Diary of Alex Ramsay
Little Basin Canon, Natrona County, Wyoming
Pressed Plant, Douglas, Wyoming
Diary of A.H. Chapman
Bird's Eye View Of Hartville Junction, Wyoming