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Diary of A. H. Chapman
Oregon Trail Swales And Guernsey Ruts
Panoramic View Mortimer Jesurun Ranch, Converse County
Oregon Trail Swales And Guernsey Ruts
Mississippi Rifle
Old Trail Town
Overland Diary of James Akin Junior
Roadway At Start Of Construction At South End Of Guernsey Dam
Steamers At Stockton
Project 117, Placing Rock In The Museum Basement Footing
West Garden Plot Planting Tomato and Cabbage Plants
Oregon Trail Marker (Independence Rock)
Firing kiln
Feature 3 - Fireplace At The Reshaw Trading Post Site
The Golden Gate, San Francisco
Knob Hill Oregon Trail
Model 1851 Colt Navy Revolver
Unthank Grave Marker
Oregon Trail Marker
Rocky Ridge; Oregon Trail