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Overland Stage Trail - Trek No. One
Camp Entrance Showing Some Shrubs and Trees -i3105
Oregon Trail Marker and Pony Express
Back-slope (Before) Sta. 2345+00 Upstream
Oregon Trail and Fetterman Road Monument
Oregon Trail Swales Near the Glenrock Power Plant
Completed Stone Retaining Toe Wall
Buffalo, United States of America
Diary of A. H. Chapman
Project 132c, Excavation For Stone Sleepers
Prospect Hill Information Sign Along The Oregon Trail In Natrona County, Wyoming
Project 205c Construction
Guernsey Dam And Power Plant
Cassa Area Historic Map
Overland Diary Of James Akin Junior
Falls Of Montmorenci, Quebec, In Winter
Diary of Alex Ramsay
Completed Dragline Operation
Oregon Trail Ruts Near Douglas, Wyoming
"After Word" to "John Hunton's Diary, 1876-'77, Volume 2"