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Back-slope (Before) Sta. 2345+00 Upstream
Back-slope (Before) Sta. 2345+00 Downstream
Back-slope (After) Sta. 2262+40-Upstream -i3078
Back-slope (Before) Sta. 2262+40-Upstream
Quarry Sec. 3T23W.R64W
Quarry Near Pit No. 2
Bridge and Back Slope Crew
Five Stall Garage, Complete All But Roofing
Five Stall Garage Door Fastener
Five Stall Garage, Finished Grade
Five Stall Garage, Back Filling Interior
Five Stall Garage, Before Grading
Five Stall Garage, Sloping And Grading For Fire Protection
Five Stall Garage, Hauling Dirt For Fire Grading
Five Stall Garage Hanging Doors
Five Stall Garage Sheeting Roof
Five Stall Garage
Repair Shop Showing The Boiler Room
Repair Shop Showing The Parts Room
Repair Shop Showing The Steam System