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Swales Leading Down To Bridge Across Platte River Near Sweetwater Station
Section of Branch "A" Springer Lateral 10.1 Before Lateral Was Concrete Lined
Wheatland Street Scene
Project 104, Completed Bridge
General View Of Guernsey Lime Quarry
Park Latrine
Swales Going Down Toward Bridge Across Platte County At Sweetwater Station
Concrete Lining, Back Filling and Placing Forms on Section of Grantz Lateral
Cheyenne Black Hills Trail Monument
Oregon Trail Ruts Near Guernsey, Wyoming
Partially Completed Picnic Shelter At Lake Guernsey State Park
Project 153, Partially Completed Sign
Ft. Laramie Canal At Lake Guernsey State Park
Oregon Trail Ruts Near Guernsey, Wyoming
To Be Improved By Project 205c
Museum Excavating
View Near Tipple and Power Plant-Sunrise
A sketch of the Hunton Family in Platte County
Ft. Laramie Canal Mile Post 40
Five Stall Garage, Hauling Dirt For Fire Grading