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Some Of The Farming Implements On The Morton Farm
Steam Plow At Work On Unland's Farm, Near Douglas, Wyoming
Glenrock Coal Mine, Converse County, Wyoming
"Fetterman" Mortimer Jesurun Ranch, Converse County
La Prele Dam, Reinforced Concrete Construction
Main Head-Gate On La Prele Ditch
Threshing Oats, Carey Ranch, Converse County
Cattle Roundup
3,000 Sheep Crossing Platte River At Alcova, Wyoming
Alcova Canon, Natrona County, Wyoming
Co. 844 BR-9-W Guernsey
General View Of Guernsey Lime Quarry
Guernsey Dam And Power Plant
Lake Guernsey Power Plant
Bird's Eye View Of Hartville Junction, Wyoming
Hartville, Wyoming
The Old Spring, Hartville, Wyoming
Project 205, Roadway Below Museum
Interior Store, Sunrise, Wyoming
Sunrise Mines