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Enrollees In Action Removing Riprap Rock From Truck to Sloped Bank, Upper bank Upstream
Enrollees Finishing Riprap (Upper-bank)
Bank Sloped Ready For Rock Riprapping
Riprap Completed on Lake Guernsey State Park
Dumping Riprap Rock on Sloped Bank
Back-slope (Progress) Sta. 2512+50 Upstream
Back-slope (Progress) Sta. 2513+50 Upstream
Back-slope (Before) Sta. 2512+50 Upstream
Back-slope (Complete) Sta. 2510+00 Upstream
Back-slope (Complete) Sta. 2345+00
Back-slope (Before) Sta. 2345+00 Upstream
Back-slope (Before) Sta. 2345+00 Downstream
Back-slope (After) Sta. 2262+40-Upstream -i3078
Quarry Sec. 3T23W.R64W
Quarry Near Pit No. 2
Five Stall Garage, Complete All But Roofing
Five Stall Garage Door Fastener
Five Stall Garage, Back Filling Interior
Five Stall Garage, Before Grading
Five Stall Garage, Sloping And Grading For Fire Protection