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Oregon Trail Ruts Monument Near Guernsey, Wyoming
Project 132, Start Of Log Guard Rail--Station 9
Back-slope (Progress) Sta. 2510+00 Upstream
Lake Guernsey Museum
Excavating and Placing Steel in Lateral No. 50.9
Oregon Trail Ruts Near Guernsey, Wyoming
Concrete Lining, Back Filling and Placing Forms on Section of Bloedorn Lateral
Hartville, Wyoming
Sybille River, Two Bar Ranch, Near Wheatland, Wyoming
Section of Lateral No. 50.9 Before Starting Work on Concrete Lining -i3125
Back-slope (Progress) Sta. 2512+50 Upstream
Section of Branch "A" Springer Lateral 10.1 After Lateral Was Lined With Reinforced Concrete
Project 132, Start Of Construction Of Guard Rails At Station 00
Lake Guernsey Park
North Bluff Picnic Shelter
Project 148, Completion Of A Fireplace
Barracks 5 at Lake Guernsey State Park
Oregon Trail Marker
North Bluff Picnic Shelter
Back-slope (Before) Sta. 2345+00 Downstream