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Sunrise Mines
Sunrise, Wyoming
Sybille River, Two Bar Ranch, Near Wheatland, Wyoming
Texas Cattle Trail Monument
Texas Trail Marker, Back Side
Texas Trail Marker, Front Side
Texas Trail Monument
Texas Trail Monument
Texas Trail Monument
The Green River Palisades
The Old Cavalry Barracks, Ft. Laramie, Wyoming
The Old Spring, Hartville, Wyoming
The Overland Limited" Crossing Hams Fork Bridge, Granger, Wyoming on Union Pacific
The SO Ranch, Careyhurst, Wyoming
The Voss Stage Station, Fremont County, Wyoming
Threshing Oats, Carey Ranch, Converse County
Trade Beads Found At The Seminoe Trading Post Excavation Site
Two Bar Ranch House, Natrona County, Wyoming
Two Bar Ranch on Sybille Creek, Near Wheatland, Wyoming
Union Pacific Station, Evanston, Wyoming