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Wild plums
Two Bar Ranch on Sybille Creek, Near Wheatland, Wyoming
Sybille River, Two Bar Ranch, Near Wheatland, Wyoming
Stacking Alfalfa on Wheatland Flats, Wyoming
Tom and Mora Hunton Portrait
A sketch of the Hunton Family in Platte County
A Measuring Weir in Farmers' Lateral, Wheatland Flats
L.G. Flannery Portrait
Platte River Dam Site
Green River Brewery
Tom Hunton Family Portrait
John Hunton Portrait
Industrial review : Platte County, Wyoming
Hunton Diary Map
Horseshoe Creek, Wyoming
Horseshoe Creek Beaver Slide
Group of Cow Ranchers at Hunter Ranch
Forward to "John Hunton's Diary, 1873-'75, Volume 1"
Camp on Platte River
"After Word" to "John Hunton's Diary, 1876-'77, Volume 2"