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Diary of Alex Ramsay
Concrete Lining Completed Section of Bloedorn Lateral
Union Pacific Station, Evanston, Wyoming
The Two Sentinels, At The Grove Of Big Trees. Calaveras, California
Back-slope (Complete) Sta. 2512+50 Upstream
Arapaho Trail
Pouring Reinforced Concrete Over Basement Which Forms Floor Of Library
Texas Trail Marker, Front Side
Buffalo, United States of America
Overland Diary Of James Akin Junior
Feature 3 - Fireplace At The Reshaw Trading Post Site
Oregon Trail Ruts near Guernsey, Wyoming
United States Courthouse and Post Office, Evanston, Wyoming
Union Pacific Fast Mail Train Number 9 Near Evanston, Wyoming
Panoramic of Evanston, Uinta County, Wyoming
Sawmill on Green River, Wyoming
The Overland Limited" Crossing Hams Fork Bridge, Granger, Wyoming on Union Pacific
The Green River Palisades
Wild plums
Two Bar Ranch on Sybille Creek, Near Wheatland, Wyoming