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Concrete Lining Completed Section of Bloedorn Lateral
Back-slope (Complete) Sta. 2512+50 Upstream
Pouring Reinforced Concrete Over Basement Which Forms Floor Of Library
Oregon Trail Ruts near Guernsey, Wyoming
Two Bar Ranch on Sybille Creek, Near Wheatland, Wyoming
Sybille River, Two Bar Ranch, Near Wheatland, Wyoming
Stacking Alfalfa on Wheatland Flats, Wyoming
A sketch of the Hunton Family in Platte County
A Measuring Weir in Farmers' Lateral, Wheatland Flats
Platte River Dam Site
Industrial review : Platte County, Wyoming
Group of Cow Ranchers at Hunter Ranch
Camp on Platte River
Wheatland Street Scene
Wheatland Hospital, Nose and Throat Room
A Saturday Afternoon in Wheatland
Farming Scene in Wheatland, Wyoming
Applying Water to Beet Field From Lateral, G.F. Goorich Farm, Wheatland, Wyoming
Sunrise, Wyoming
Sunrise Mines