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000 nkc 22 uu 4500
008 | |||||||||||||||||eng||
245 10|a#ColorOurCollections
100 1 |aVarious|ecreator
655 7|aphotographs|2lctgm
046 |k2016-02-02
260 |g2016-02-02
520 |aCreated to connect to Twitter's <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23ColorOurCollections">#ColorOurCollections</a>, this is a selection of Digital UW Content which we think might be fun to color. <a href="https://uwdigital.uwyo.edu/colorourcollection-week">Back to ColorOurCollection Week Page</a>.
|aYou may use the digital images and catalog records found on this website for private study, scholarship or research. Please attribute photos to their source where possible.
856 |uhttp://hdl.handle.net/10176/wyu:ColorOurCollections