1982 Heavy Oil / EOR Contractor Reports - Proceedings Presented July 27 - 29, 1982, San Francisco

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245 10|a1982 Heavy Oil / EOR Contractor Reports - Proceedings Presented July 27 - 29, 1982, San Francisco
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520 |aRecovery of acid oil with simple alkaline agents is economically attractive. However, two major impediments must be overcome. The efficiency of tertiary recovery must be increased and the amount of alkali loss by rock reactions myst be reduced. This paper reports preliminary results of using tall-oil pitch and polymers for improving oil recovery behavior and a multivalent cation for suppressing alkaline silica dissolution. When combined with an alkaline-polymer solution, tall_oil pitch at 0.5 w/o concentration recovers around 60% of tertiary oil. Residual oil sturations down to 10% are observed. Since tall-oil pitch is a waste product from sulfite paper manufacture, it is both cheap and available. Further tall-oil pitch is quite compatible with high salinities and temperatures. Addition of alcohol to the alkali-tall oil pitch mixtures does not enhance oil recovery. Aluminium cations in concentrations as low as 10 ppm drastically slow the alkaline dissolution of crystalline and amorphous silica. The effect is mainly due to adsorption of aluminium at the silica surface. Although soluble aluminium is produced in-sity in an alkaline flood by slow dissolution of clay minerals, addition of aluminium to the flooding solution seems warranted.
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