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520 |aHere you will find digital images of notebooks compiled during the course of botanical field work, recording the dates, locations, and names of specimens collected. <br/> Currently, we have notebooks from the Rocky Mountain Herbarium and a smaller collection of notebooks documenting plants from the Bandelier National Monument. <br/> The field work for the University of Wyoming collections was performed by Aven Nelson, Elias Nelson, Leslie N. Goodding, Edwin B. and Lois B. Payson, Louis O. Williams and others identified only by initials. Specimens were collected primarily in Wyoming, but also in parts of Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, and other states. <br/> Manuscript originals housed at the Rocky Mountain Herbarium, University of Wyoming. <br/> Specimen entries in the field books are numbered, and these numbers correspond to specimens housed in the Rocky Mountain Herbarium at the University of Wyoming. Some specimens have also been digitized as part of the Digital Herbaria. To search for specimens from the notebooks, go to the <a href="" target="blank">Digital Herbaria Search Page</a> and enter the collector’s name in the “Collector” field and the specimen number in the “Collector #” field.
540 |aYou may use the digital images and catalog records found on this website for your private study, scholarship or research. Some of the images from the University of Wyoming Libraries are in the public domain.
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