Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic

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UW alumnus Josh King took the photographs and interviews during the summer of 2009 in local mountain ranges, the majority in the Medicine Bow Range west of Laramie. Effects of the mountain pine beetle epidemic are portrayed in landscape views of the widespread mortality among lodge pole pine trees, close-up images of the beetles and fungi causing the epidemic, workers and volunteers removing beetle-killed pines and other subjects. The USDA Forest Service estimates more than 3.6 million acres in Colorado and southeastern Wyoming are dramatically harmed by the mountain pine beetle outbreak. Although the beetles get blamed for killing the trees, it’s actually the blue stain fungus introduced by the beetles that is fatal. The death of entire hillsides and landscapes of mature trees has implications for hydrology, carbon sequestration, safety and local economies and diminishes the forest aesthetics. Read More: UW Photo Exhibition: The Pine Beetle Epidemic |