Executive Summaries

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The Advanced Conversion Technology Fund/Clean Coal Technology Fund final executive summary reports are available to the public.

Coal Electrolysis for the Production of Hydrogen and Liquid Fuels
Pilot Scale Demonstration of MICGASTM Coal Biotechnology for in situ Biological Gasification of Un-Mineable Wyoming Sub-bituminous Coals
A Novel Integrated Oxy-Combustion Flue Gas Purification Technology - A Near-Zero Emissions Option
Advanced Solvent for CO2 Capture and Separation Technology of CO2 Sequestration to Enhance Utilization and Reduce Emissions from Wyoming Coal
Capture and Mineralization of Carbon Dioxide from Coal Combustion Flue Gas Emissions: Pilot Scale Studies at Jim Bridger Power Plant
Cryogenic Carbin Capture Bench Scale Project
Demonstration of Hydrogen Production from Wyoming Coal
Development and Evaluation of Non-Carbon Sorbents
Development of a New Solid Sorbent for CO2 Separation
Development of a Novel Helical Channel Reactor for Syngas Conversion
Efficient Coal-to-Hydrogen System
Evaluation of Novel Technologies for CO2 Capture
Extended Operational Runs on Emery Hybrid Gasifier to Accelerate Commercial Adoption
Feasibility of Hydrothermal Dewatering for the Potential to Reduce CO2 Emissions and Upgrade Low Rank Coals
Hydrogen Separation for Clean Coal Applications
Innovative Catalytic Gasification Technology to Maximize the Value of Wyoming's Coal Resources
Low Cost Route to Next Generation Commercial Iron Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Catalysists for Coal-to-Liquids and Biomass-to-Liquids
Modular Fischer Tropsch for Wyoming Coal to Liquid Fuels
Multi-stage Processing of Wyoming Coals to Liquid Fuels
Novel Carbon Capture Technology Development for Power Generation Using Wyoming Coal
Novel Fixed-Bed Gasifier for Wyoming Coals
Pilot-Scale Testing Evaluating the Effects of Bromine Addition on CMMs at Low Mercury Concentrations
Reactive Transport of Acidic Brine Resulting from CO2 Sequestration in the Rock Springs Uplift (SW Wyoming): Variation of Porosity and Permeability
Removal of Synthesis Gas Pollutants and Liquid Fuel Synthesis
Retrofit Impacts of Oxy-coal Combustion of Powder River Basin Coal on Deposit Formation and Mercury Speciation
Testing of an Advanced Dry Cooling Technology for Power Plants in Arid Climates
The Engineering Scale-Up of Hydrogen Separation Facilities
Western Research Institute's Pre-Gasification Treatment of PRB Coals for Improved Advanced Clean Coal Gasifier Design
WriteCoal™ Gasification Process for Low-Rank Coals for Improved Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle with Carbon Capture: Phase II-Pilot-Scale Demonstration