In Situ Non Combustive Microwave Processing Of Oil Shale - Annual Report - 1979

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245 10|aIn Situ Non Combustive Microwave Processing Of Oil Shale - Annual Report - 1979
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520 |aAs specified in D.D.E. contract ET-78-S-01-3280 a unified analytical examination of the products of microwave oil shale has been completed. In addition, for comparison purposes, a sample of subituminous Colorado coal was included since it was observed that the microwave pyrolysis mechanism for oil shale and coal appear to be similar. Analysis systems have been planned, constructed and placed into operation so as to provide a definitive profile of the composition of gases, oil and water released by the microwave heated oil shale and coal samples. A detailed description of the systems have been given in the January-April progress report...
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