Digitization Equipment

Digitization Equipment

The equipment used in Digital Collections is as varied as the content we receive. Each piece serves a unique role. In many cases, we already have the hardware and software required to digitize and preserve content, but if we don’t, we will try to acquire it!

David SLS-2 Structured Light 3D Scanning System

Image to come

This camera/platform combo allows us to take 3D images of fossils (so far, we're happy to image other collections). Scanning is done on the system software and 3D Scans are made available after processing and photshop work. See our 3D Fossil Collection.

Bookeye 3 Scanner

Used for scanning large format books, newspapers, bulletins, and other medium sized content. This planetary scanner has a 24″ by 34″ bed (ISO A1 paper size) and can scan documents at up to 400DPI in 36/24 bit color. Unlike a flat bed scanner, planetary scanners do not need to touch rare and fragile documents. As an example, we are scanning the entire run of the UW Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletins on the Bookeye 3 and all of these bulletins will be available in our Wyoming Scholars Repository as well as locally on UW Digital (some already are). In addition to imaging, the Bookeye 3 performs Optical Character Recognition on the documents so they are full-text searchable as seen.

Bookeye 4 Scanner

Bookeye 4

The Bookeye 4 is our newest large format planetary scanner. It is very similar to the Bookeye 3, but it is configured with a book cradle which makes scanning fragile books less destructive. It has all of the same capabilities of the Bookeye 3 and will handle documents of the same size.

Contex HD5450 Large Format Scanner


For large format print media, the Contex large format scanner is a great resource. We have scanned large topo maps, aerial photos, historical maps, and more with this scanner. We can handle anything up to 54″ in one dimension. To be more specific, a map that is 54″ by 100″ is something we can handle, but something that is 60” by 100″ is too large for this scanner.

Epson Flat Bed Scanner


Small scale scanning projects can be processed on our Epson flat bed scanner. It’s a workhorse with resolution up to 600 DPI.

Light Box Photography

The portable light box can be used to image three dimensional material. The light box helps diffuse the light from external lamps to reduce shadows and produce a cleaner image. While we have used it primarily for herbarium specimens, we can and are quite willing to use it for other materials.

Tascam DR-100 Digital Audio Recorder & Converter

Tascam DR100

For recording audio or converting audio from analog to digital format, we have one Tascam DR-100 recorder. Audio can be captured in WAV or MP3 of file formats at different quality levels. Audio processing is done in Audacity.