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Rocky Mountain Region Digital Herbarium

The Rocky Mountain Region Digital Herbarium is an online collection of herbaria specimen images and record information, it is a searchable web interface allowing users to select through a variety of parameters and provides export options to save and access reports from a search query.

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Rocky Mountain Herbarium plant image

Rocky Mountain Herbarium Specimen Database

The RM specimen database contains over 700,000 specimen records from RM and USFS, most of which are publicly available. Nearly all specimens have been assigned latitude & longitude coordinates for use in mapping applications. Scientific names are standardized to those contained in the RM checklists.

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Local Holdings

Shintei sōmoku zusetsu illustration

Japanese Botanical Books (Somoku zusetsu)

Check out a 20 volume set of the Somoku zusetsu with hand drawn color illustrations of Japanese plants published in 1894

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Botanical Fieldbooks Collections

Botanical Fieldbooks Collection

Browse our collection of fieldbooks from botany pioneers Aven Nelson, Edwin and Lois Payson, as well as Leslie Goodding.

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