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About UW Digital

UW Libraries Digital Collections Office

The Digital Collections Office has two primary emphases, the first of which is Collection and Digitization by:

  • Operating the Digital UW Repository which offers access, discovery, secure storage, and long-term preservation of content curated by the Digital Collections Office.
  • Working with a broad range of constituencies to identify unique content to collect.
  • Preserving & converting analog content of all kinds to digital formats with the ultimate goal of open and broad dissemination online.
  • Supporting born digital research and creative outputs of the University of Wyoming and its partners.

The second area of emphasis is to support UW’s scholarly output by:

  • Operating the Wyoming membership of Mountain Scholar, a consortial repository which stores, disseminates, and preserves UW scholarship of all types and formats.
  • Offer a scholarly output and publishing platform to UW faculty, students, and staff.
  • Enabling faculty, student, and staff works to be easily discoverable on the web.

We can handle a wide variety of content including still images (such as photographs), large scale maps (up to 54" in one dimension), books, loose papers & manuscripts, audio, and video.

See here for details on services offered by the Digital Collections Office.  

Contact Amanda( for more information, feedback, projects, and to human.