L.C. Bishop actively studied Wyoming history and was a charter member of the Wyoming State Historical Society. Bishop extensively mapped many of the state's emigrant trails and stage, express, and freight roads. Wyoming State Archives is caretaker of several of Bishop's map series, including Ranch Maps, Site Maps, and Emigrant Trail Maps.

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Map of Fort Bridger

Yearbook collections from The University High School 1920-1963 (The Tassakooma & Yearling). The University instituted a State Preparatory School from its founding in 1887 which released a Prep Buckaroo yearbook. Finally, published yearly by the Junior Class at the UWyo, the Wyo yearbooks run from approximately 1909-1989.

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The University of Wyoming Art Museum presents and collects world-class art, furthers programs than engage students and visitors in discussions that broaden an understanding of diverse perspectives, viewpoints, and cultures, and advances service to the state. For more information visit their website.

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UW Art Museum

The JC Penney Dynamo was a company publication circulated to improve the quality and atmosphere of every store.  

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The Dynamo

Post Card and Picture Collections including material from Saratov University.

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Russian Collections

This collection contains various photos of the Laramie area ranging over a number of years., We would very much like to add to this collection - please contact our repository manager: Amanda Lehman.

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Photos of Laramie

This collection contains Books 1-12 and various Novella constitutiones.
Explore the College of Law George W. Hopper Law Library's website where you can learn about "the awe-inspiring story of how a German immigrant, Justice Fred Blume of the Wyoming Supreme Court, created what is still today the only known English translation of Justinian's Code."

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Justinian Code, Annotated

The Grace Raymond Hebard Collection is considered to be the most comprehensive collection of published materials about Wyoming history, culture and natural history. This collection helps to document the history and culture of Wyoming and the region by collecting, preserving, and providing access to unique, rare or valuable books, ephemera, maps, games, state and federal documents, and media. Visit the Special Collections Lib Guide for more information.

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Emmett D. Chisum Special Collections