Willis McDonald IV Collection

Welcome to the Willis McDonald IV Collection of Private Equity Finance Transactions, courtesy of Barron Collier II

For history and other information on the donation please see the 2016 press release. Excerpts and access details below.

Information on the Collection

"The collection contains detailed records of [200 private equity transactions compiled over fifty years] from around the globe completed from 1953 through 1996..." Willis McDonald IV was a New York Lawyer who served with Maggie Scarlett as trustees at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West located in Cody, Wyoming.

The Dean of the College of Business observed, “I know that not only business students, but also those studying applied economics, law, and public policy will find the collection very useful.”


Special thanks to Barron Collier II for preserving these records; to Dick Scarlett, University Trustee and Business distinguished alumnus, and his wife, Maggie for their good work and attentiveness; and Professor Larry Weatherford for his hard work.

Willis McDonald IV Dick Scarlett Wallace Johnson