Outburnsin’ Burns in 1938


Last night I happened to notice a bright neon sign in town which reminded me so much of one back home that I got a touch of homesickness. ‘Back
home we have followed the lead of other sections of the country and now turn the nights Into anything but night with gay colored neon lights sending out
weird light of all shades.

A week or two ago I was driving along the highway west of Laramie and was somewhat surprised to see what I thought at the time was a new angle of the neon system. On a distant hillside appeared flashes of white which seemed to form the letter W....

I watched the dashing flashes for some time wondering when the University had hit upon this novel scheme of advertising as no house was within many miles of the location. The regular path of the flashes and the irregularity of their appearances would attract even the most critic of modern sign readers.

After watching the sign work for several minutes I happened to remember that I had a set of binoculars with me and decided to get a closer look at
the unique sign. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that the supposed sign was not a sign at all but a-natural phenomenon. Three young antelopes were.playing on the hillside and were chasing each other through three draws which happened to form the letter W. They were traveling
so fast that their white streaks blended together to form a continuous line in neon fashion before the naked eye.

We have nothing in Arkansas which could even approach the speed displayed by these antelopes unless two of the Razorback halfbacks for next year could.

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