March 31, 1938 Branding Iron - a different time for sexism

Winners of the Branding Iron's beauty, ugly man, and popularity contests will be announced tomorrow night during intermission at the Blue Pencil Ink Slingers' ball...

Ok there's so much here:

  1. Where's the Ugliest Woman huh? Inequality in competitions doesn't just get to be about sports! And this Ugly Man won, among other things, a "subsidized date with the beauty queen". I need to find a way to share this with Wyoming's amazing 2017 Beauty Queen.
  2. Why didn't I get to go to a Blue Pencil Ink Slingers' Ball in undergrad?!? Oh yeah, I was anti-social :D
  3. Clipping old newspapers is a slippery slope beware all of you.


"Date with Beauty Queen Will Be Prize for Ugliest Man on Campus" Read the article in the March 11, 1937 Branding Iron

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