Laramie Is Really Coolest Is Shown

That's the actual title from June 28 1934.

Dear Mother: And please send me my winter clothes and a woolen blanket. It's simply freezing here nights.

"LARAMIE IS REALLY COOLEST IS SHOWN “Laramie, Wyoming, June 28, 1934 Dear Mother: And please send me my winter clothes and a woolen blanket. It’s simply freezing here nights. Lovingly, Daughter.” And the young ladies, and men too, from over the country—Texas, Mis- souri, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsyl- vania, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, New Mexi- co, Indiana, New York, and other states, verify Wyoming University’s proud boast: “The coolest summer school in America." While in Texas, Texans sweat and steam in the shade while here our Tex- an friends shiver in the sunshine— well, almost. While electric fans circu— late through warm tepid airs in Okla- homa’s air-cooled buildings, our tradi- ators sizzle each evening. While all Eastern‘and far Western citizens seek relief in cooling waters of oceans-and lakes, our welcome summer visitors here in Laramie snuggle between blankets at night and into woolen sportsWear by day. Folks, it really is cool. Wyoming, this spring praying for rain, now oontentedly sighs beneath alternating gray clouded skies and golden sunny ones. In the evening the glorious sunset paints in brilliant colors the 'snow~topped mountains, and cool and fragrant breezes spring up. Just another point or two to bore you. Statistics, if you please. Since June 11, the highest maximum tem- perature in Laramie was on June 13, when it registered 81 degrees. The minimum has been 38 degrees, on June 20. On June 21, Laramie suflered from a temperature of only 74 degrees —while in Chicago, on that day, the mercury soared to 95 degrees; in Pe- oria, 111., to 100, and in Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Wichita to 102. Can we say that we have suffered? Perhaps some think so. But in those moments in the classroom, while the teacher’s voice and lecture blend into a soft accompaniment for your straying thoughts, when the cool breezes stir the papers on your desk, or perhaps a really chill 'wind rattles the window-panes, and you shiver con- tentedly in your jacket, don’t you agree with all of the rest of us that Wyoming University is the coolest summer school in America?"