The Yearling (1953 - 1973) Yearbook

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This collection contains the yearbooks for the University High School of the University of Wyoming from 1953 through 1973. The yearbooks were known as the Tassakooma from 1920 through 1945 and The Yearling from 1953 through 1973, when the University High School was closed. The Coe Library physical collection of yearbooks, though not comprehensive, is held in the University Libraries Emmett D. Chisum Special Collections. The University of Wyoming instituted a State Preparatory School from its founding in 1887 through 1913. In September of 1913 the secondary school was re-named the Training High School and was designated as a high school for training teachers for the high schools in Wyoming. The junior high students admitted could only be Laramie residents and the high school students were limited to those from rural areas and small towns in which there were yet no high schools. In 1914 it was again re-named the University High School. As time went by and the specific need for high school teachers in Wyoming passed, the University High School remained active as a school of educational experimentation and research and to provide College of Education students opportunities for observing teaching procedures and student teaching. Though the University High School ceased in 1973, the University Lab School, with a kindergarten and grades 1-9, continues to operate in the College of Education and is now part of the Albany County School District.