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Art in the Library
The University of Wyoming Libraries are a strong supporter of the visual arts and we actively curate a growing collection of permanent and temporary art in our spaces. We add artwork to our art collection in a number of ways: purchasing student art to add to our permanent collection, purchasing art by professional local artists, commissioning artwork, and featuring temporary exhibits by both student and professional local artists. In 2003, the University of Wyoming Libraries established the UW Libraries Purchase Award for student artwork and have since purchased work from the UWAM student show every year. Our art collection adds vitality to the spaces of Coe Library while supporting and promoting artists and their work. Art in the Libraries is accessible via our Digital Collections. Please enjoy the art! Questions? Contact Bryan Ricupero, Metadata Librarian,
Botanical Collections
The Botanical Collections at Digital UW include an extensive collection of Botanical Field Books, Botanical Images from the Robert and Jane Dorn Collection, Japanese Botanical Books, and a variety of related digitized materials. For more collections see our other Digital Herbaria!
College of Engineering and Applied Science - General Publications
Publications from the College of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Geology and Geophysics
Check out for more information on this department.
Department of History
The Department of History at U.W. offers innovative research and dedicated teaching to our more than 200 undergraduate majors, minors and graduate students. Our coursework forms the backbone of the B.A. and M.A. programs in History along with the concurrent History major for students pursuing Secondary Education. Long committed to the history of the American West, our department is uniquely positioned to situate this field in a global context. Drawing on expertise ranging from East and Central Asia to Europe and the Americas, we strive to explore historical questions with thematic as well as comparative approaches. In this way our goal is to give students a truly global perspective on history.... For more information visit the University of Wyoming Department of History webpage.
Department of Theatre and Dance
Programs and posters from performances from 1942 to present day by the University of Wyoming's Department of Theatre and Dance. See their news archive (1997-Present) here Images remain private to protect intellectual property after 1996 and may be made available upon request for authorized viewing and download.
Emmett D. Chisum Special Collections
The Grace Raymond Hebard Collection is considered to be the most comprehensive collection of published materials about Wyoming history, culture and natural history. It is the library of record for University of Wyoming publications. This collection, holding more than 50,000 cataloged titles, helps to document the history and culture of Wyoming and the region by collecting, preserving, and providing access to unique, rare or valuable books, pamphlets, ephemera, maps, games, state and federal documents, and videos and dvds. Visit the Special Collections Lib Guide for more information.
Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources
The mission of the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) is to advance the understanding and resolution of complex environmental and natural resources challenges. This collection contains Reports and Proceedings from the The Ruckelshaus Institute, a division of the Haub School.
Historic Map Collection
Maps from Special Collections
Justinian Code, Annotated
For information about this collection please visit
Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic
UW alumnus Josh King took the photographs and interviews during the summer of 2009 in local mountain ranges, the majority in the Medicine Bow Range west of Laramie. Effects of the mountain pine beetle epidemic are portrayed in landscape views of the widespread mortality among lodge pole pine trees, close-up images of the beetles and fungi causing the epidemic, workers and volunteers removing beetle-killed pines and other subjects. The USDA Forest Service estimates more than 3.6 million acres in Colorado and southeastern Wyoming are dramatically harmed by the mountain pine beetle outbreak. Although the beetles get blamed for killing the trees, it’s actually the blue stain fungus introduced by the beetles that is fatal. The death of entire hillsides and landscapes of mature trees has implications for hydrology, carbon sequestration, safety and local economies and diminishes the forest aesthetics. Read More: UW Photo Exhibition: The Pine Beetle Epidemic |
National Uranium Resource Evaluation : GJBX Reports
The National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) program was initiated by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in 1973 with a primary goal of identifying uranium resources in the United States. Check out the USGS website for more information, and the Mineral Data site for data set download.
Photos of Laramie
This collection contains various photos of the Laramie area ranging over a number of years., We would very much like to add to this collection - please contact our repository manager: Amanda Lehman.
Russian Collections
Post Card and Picture Collections including material from Saratov University.
School of Energy Resources
The School of Energy Resources (SER) at the University of Wyoming (UW) was created in 2006 to enhance the university's energy-related education, research and outreach. SER directs and integrates cutting-edge energy research and academic programs at UW and bridges academics and industry through targeted outreach programs. Learn more
UW Art Museum
The University of Wyoming Art Museum presents and collects world-class art, furthers programs than engage students and visitors in discussions that broaden an understanding of diverse perspectives, viewpoints, and cultures, and advances service to the state. For more information visit their website.
Western Research Institute (WRI)
This digital collection is a series of technical reports from WRI's Coal Gasification initiatives. Western Research Institute (WRI), located in Laramie, Wyoming, is a multi-million dollar, not-for-profit, research organization renowned for work in advanced energy systems, environmental technologies and highway materials research. The institute's corporate headquarters are on the University of Wyoming campus and a 22-acre Advanced Technology Center (ATC) north of Laramie that provides additional laboratories, plus pilot facilities and room for new development. WRI is a research institute with broad perspectives and know-how in science, technology and real-world, on-the-ground conditions. Their highly experienced team of men and women offer expertise from fields such as chemical, petroleum and environmental engineering, organic, physical, analytical and inorganic chemistry, geology, soil science, business administration and economics. Through our Cooperative Research Program with the Department of Energy, WRI originates technologies that attract industrial partners from corporations, industry associations, government entities, and other research organizations. WRI advances client technologies from concept to bench scale through pilot testing and commercialization. With the Federal Highway Administration, WRI conducts concentrated research that supports breakthroughs in materials knowledge, leading to safer, longer-lasting roads―experience WRI is able to bring to bear to meet client needs. WRI offers the full matrix of resources―experience, expertise, physical infrastructure and industry connections―to realize the potential of your concepts or ours. WRI extends your reach.
Western Trails - Wyoming Collection
Western Trails explored the adaptability/adoptability of the Colorado Digitization Project model for collaboration among cultural heritage institutions, focusing digitization efforts on a statewide basis. The State Libraries of Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas led these explorations. This collection represents the Western Trails contributions from the State of Wyoming.
Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station
This collection contains Newsletters (Ag News), Reflections, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Report, Sheridan R&E Center materials, and the Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletins.
Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD)
WYNDD is a member of a network of similar programs collectively known as the Natural Heritage Network. Each of the 50 US states, most Canadian provinces, and many Latin American countries house a network program dedicated to gathering and developing biological information on species of conservation concern and natural vegetation communities. Programs in the network use the same database methodology and software and receive technical support from a coordinating organization known as NatureServe. Most programs are housed in universities or state agencies; WYNDD operates as a service and research unit of the University of Wyoming. WYNDD data, analyses, and staff expertise contribute to effective strategies of natural resource management and more efficient compliance with environmental regulations.
Wyoming Topics and Artifacts
A collection of various digital and digitized objects related to the State of Wyoming.
The Tassakooma, Yearling, and Wyo Yearbooks.