Donated Art Work

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Black Pool, Yellowstone Park
The painting depicts the depths of Black Pool, a large hot water spring in the West Thumb area of Yellowstone National Park. The yellow and orange surface on the lower right is cool enough to support thermophiles. The blue depths of the pool are an indication that the temperature is too hot even for thermophiles to survive., 2010-2011 UW Libraries Art Invitational, Donated by Dr. Owen Phillips and Lori Phillips, The existence of Yellowstone is a reminder that unimaginable forces of nature exist unseen but close by. All the geysers, fumaroles, and hot springs are driven by intense heat from a magma chamber just a few kilometers beneath the surface., "Black Pool, Yellowstone Park" was completed in 2006. It is an oil on Belgian linen canvas (Utrecht type 144), stretched and primed with acrylic gesso by the artist.
Canadian Glacier
A pastel depiction of Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Rockies., Donated to UW Libraries by Carol McMurry, 2010, A pastel sketch done on site. Due to changing conditions with both light and weather, the piece was created in about two hours. A larger piece based on the original sketch was also created.
Cattle Drive
A portrait of cowboys herding Corriente cattle near Centennial, Wyoming. Corriente cattle are a breed from Mexico often used in rodeos., Donated to UW Libraries by Carol McMurray, 2010, After going to school for art in the 1960s, where they pushed abstract impressionism, the artist realized his roots were in representational art. Themes like wildlife and western scenes., It is based on photos and sketches made while spending time with the cowboys in the field.
Coe Library
An original oil painting based on photos taken of Coe Library, just before construction began on a remodel. Carol McMurray commissioned the piece to preserve the memory of Coe Library for past generations. It captures the old entrance, and serves as a reminder of the days when the University of Wyoming was a drive through campus., Donated to UW Libraries by Carol McMurray 2010, Bob Seabeck attended school in Casper with with Carol McMurray, who commissioned the piece. It captures the state of the library for past generations before a remodel., Photos were taken of the library before construction began, and the painting is based on those.
Evening Star
Evening Star by Hans Kleiber, Donated to UW Libraries
Fall Aspen
An art quilt made using hand dyed and commercial fabrics to create a fall mountain scene., 2011 Donation to UW Libraries by Bob and Lin McLaughlin Bruce, Inspired by mental or actual images that took root in dreams. A combination of the wonders of nature, geometric shapes, and color palettes into interpretations of reality., The work is constructed directly from mental images onto fabric, using a variety of fabrics, many of which are hand painted or dyed. Perspective is developed through imaginative blending and contrasting of color, while free motion stitching and fabric manipulation extend depth of field and add textural detail.
Perpetuate by Dakotah Konicek and Anna Konkel, Donated by the artists.
Untitled by David Reif, Donation to UW Libraries
Untitled — Horse Head Bust by William Elling Gollings, Donated to UW Libraries
Untitled — Wolf by William Elling Gollings, Donated to UW Libraries