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Introspection by Kristin Althoff, 2013 UW Libraries Student Purchase Award
UW Libraries Purchase Award, Honorable Mentions
One Long Trip
The brick wall represents forging a new path, with a boat sailing toward Europe. The tree has a face in it, based on a Crow Indian story about the Grandfather Tree. The two magpies have mated for life, and the Big Dipper represents a way of life on a Native American reservation., 2008 UW Libraries Student Purchase Award, The piece was inspired by the end of a personal relationship, which lead to a new found relationship with school. The artist, who grew up on the Crow Reservation in Montana, was also planning a trip to Europe., The process was selected, in part, because it is something that can be done at home. Wax is melted and pored onto a zinc plate, then a design is etched into the wax. Once the plate is scratched, it is cleaned and dip in acid. Darker ink is the result of more time spent in the acid. The artist left thumbprint on the piece, which has since become his signature.
Undercover by Wendi Sorenson, 2004 UW Libraries Student Purchase Award