Shintei sōmoku zusetsu - Volume 19

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245 10|aShintei sÅmoku zusetsu - Volume 19
100 1 |aIinuma, Yokusai (飯沼慾斎) (1782-1865)|ecreator
700 1 |aTanaka, Yoshio.
700 1 |aOno, Motoyoshi|d1890
046 |k1874
250 |aNew ed.
260 |aOgaki|bMino|c1874, i.e. 1875]|g1874
300 |a20 v. : ill. ; 27 cm.
520 |aIn Japanese characters, with a French translation of the preface and plant names in Latin. The Latin names of the plants were checked by L. Savatier.
650 1 |aBotany -- Pictorial works.|zJapan
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246 3 |aModern Scientific Plant Encyclopedia - Volume 19
700 1 |aTanaka, Yoshio, 1838-1915|econtributor
700 1 |aOno, Motoyoshi, 1840-1890|econtributor
650 1 |aBotany
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Shintei Sōmoku Zusetsu - Volume 19

The following list contains indexed links to the relevant plant reference page of Shintei Sōmoku Zusetsu - Volume 19. This linked index is arranged by following the taxonomy of Linnaeus: Linnaeus' Class No. - Genus [Plant name in Japanese] [Scientific name] [Family of plants].

The Volume 19 contains:

  1. Class 20: "Gynandria" (stamens inserted on the pistil, contains 7 orders) - "Polyandria" (having more than 7 stamens)

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1. Class 20: "Gynandria" (stamens inserted on the pistil, contains 7 orders) - "Polyandria" (having more than 7 stamens)

[Karasubishaku] [Pinellia Tuberifera Ten.] [Araceae]
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[Shika Hange] [Pinellia Angustata Schott.] [Araceae]
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[O Hange] [Pinellia Triportita Schott.] [Araceae]
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[Riukiu Hange] [Colocasia?] [Araceae]
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[Imo (Satoimo)] [Colocasia Antiquorum Schott] [Araceae]
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[Hasu Imo] [Leu Colocasia Ginantea Schott] [Araceae]
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[Manshu Imo] [Alocasia Macrorrhiza Schott] [Araceae]
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[Kuwadzu Imo] [Richardia Africana Kunth] [Araceae]
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[Konniyaku] [Conophollus Konjak Schott] [Araceae]
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[Mizu Basho] [Lysichiton Camschatcense Schott] [Araceae]
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[Zazenso (Darumaso)] [Symplocarpus Foeladus Salisb] [Araceae]
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[Tennansho] [Arisaema Japonicum Bl.] [Araceae]
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[Mamushigusa (Hebino Daihachi)] [Arisaema Serratum Schott] [Araceae]
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[Maidzuru Tennansho] [Arisaema Thunbergh Bl] [Araceae]
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[Urashimaso] [Arisaema Thunbergh Schott. Var.] [Araceae]
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[Musashiabumi] [Arisaema Ringens Schott.] [Araceae]
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[Yukimochiso] [] [Araceae]
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