Investigation Of The ROPE Process Performance On SunnySide Tar Sand

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245 10|aInvestigation Of The ROPE Process Performance On SunnySide Tar Sand
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100 1 |aChang Yul Cha <br>Lyle A. Johnson Jr. <br>Frank D. Guffey |ecreator
700 1 |aWestern Research Institute|econtributor
110 2 |a|ecreator
710 2 |a|econtributor
046 |k07/1990
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260 |a|bU.S. Department of Energy|c|g07/1990
655 7|aPaper-Technical Report|2marcgt
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520 |aMajor obstacles to the commercialization of tar sand are the high costs associated with mining and processing, the upgrading of the raw tar sand oil, and refining the upgraded tar sand oil to produce salable products. In order to encourage tar sand commercialization with much reduced financial risks, new processing technologies need to be developed. The overall objective of the Western Research Institute has been to develop a new process that produces (1) oil yields greater than other existing pyrolysis processes, (2) transportation and aviation fuel feedstocks, (3) a diluent to decrease the pour point and viscosity of bitumen for pipelining, and (4) a solvent for extraction processes...
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650 1 |aWestern Research Institute, Coal Gasification Collection
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