Gchemflow: A Numerical Model For Predicting Solute Transport In Porous Media

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245 10|aGchemflow: A Numerical Model For Predicting Solute Transport In Porous Media
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100 1 |aPalmer Vaughn|ecreator
700 1 |aWestern Research Institute|econtributor
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046 |k11/1989
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260 |a|bU.S. Department of Commerce|c|g11/1989
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520 |aIn order to mitigate groundwater contamination associated with in situ thermal extraction processes, it is necessary to be able to predict the fate of contaminants in the subsurface environment. The behavior and fate of contaminants are affected by a number of complex interrelated factors that include (a) the rate of contaminant generation and release from the source; (b) changes in contaminant concentrations as a result of physical, chemical, and microbial processes that result in immobilization, transformation, and removal; and (c) the rate of contaminant transport under saturated flow conditions. This report describes progress made in developing a model that ties together parts a, b, and c to enable us to predict the effects that these phenomena have on the fate and mobility of contaminants. Although inorganic substances may be produced or released by thermal recovery processes, we are most often concerned with organic pyrolysis products. In this research, the behavior and interactions of organic contaminants has been emphasized...
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