Pyrolysis Of Arroyo Grande Tar Sand And Tar Sand/Oil Mixtures

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245 10|aPyrolysis Of Arroyo Grande Tar Sand And Tar Sand/Oil Mixtures
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100 1 |aT.F. Turner <br>B.E. Thomas<br> L.G. Nickerson |ecreator
700 1 |aWestern Research Institute|econtributor
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046 |k11/1989
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260 |a|bU.S. Department of Commerce|c|g11/1989
655 7|aPaper-Technical Report|2marcgt
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520 |aThe recycle oil pyrolysis and extraction (ROPE process may provide an efficient method for producing advanced fuel feedstocks from tar sand (Boysen et al. 1988). This process pyrolyze tar sand in the presence of a recycle oil, exploiting both pyrolytic and extractive oil production mechanisms (Boysen et al. 1988). In support of the extensive experimental ROPE© program at WRI, a mathematical model is being developed to analyze experimental results and to suggest directions for process optimization. To adequately describe the process, the model requires accurate kinetic expressions and Arrhenius parameters for the pyrolysis of tar sand mixed with recycle oil under conditions similar to those used in bench-scale process units. The objective of this task is to determine the kinetic expressions and parameters which describe the recycle oil pyrolysis of tar sand...
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