Northwest New Mexico Boundary Layer Experiment

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245 10|aNorthwest New Mexico Boundary Layer Experiment
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100 1 |aJohn A. Archuleta; Summer Barr; Robert C. Carlos; William E. Clements; John Labry; Lawrence Wangen; S. Kerry Wilson|ecreator
700 1 |aWestern Research Institute|econtributor
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710 2 |a|econtributor
046 |k10/1978
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260 |a|bUnited States Department of Energy |c|g10/1978
655 7|aPaper-Technical Report|2marcgt
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520 |aA 24-hour meteorological experiment was performed in the San Juan Basin of northwestern New Mexico with an emphasis on the diurnal variations of boundary layer wind, temperature, and turbulence structure. Hourly profiles of wind and temperature were observed to an altitude of 3 km above ground concurrently with photographs of a nearby power plant plume. The plume behavior is consistent with the meteorological conditions at its elevation, which, because of phase differences in a continually time varying field, may not agree with surface based meteorological observations...
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650 1 |aWestern Research Institute, Coal Gasification Collection
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