General Tithing Store House Currency, Five and Ten Cents

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245 10|aGeneral Tithing Store House Currency, Five and Ten Cents
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520 |aThe Five Cent and Ten Cent US paper currency. The front has an ornate border. The top right corner contains a framed oval area. In the left corner is a twelve sided shield with Five Cents or Ten Cents. Below the shield is "Good Only For Merchandise and Produce at the General Tithing Store House." Starting at the right is "General Tithing Store House" above a design containing Five Cents or Ten Cents. In the lower corner is a domed beehive design and "Presiding Bishops Office Salt Lake City, Utah." On the reverse side is a depiction of the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City in a center circle with a side design Five Cents or Ten Cents. Printed along the upper and lower edges "This Note is not current except in the Merchandise and Produce Departments of the General Tithing Store House, Salt Lake City, Utah."
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650 1 |aCurrency, US
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650 1 |aGeneral Tithing Store House Currency
650 1 |aFive Cents
650 1 |aCurrency
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