Freight And Stage Road From Rawlins To Red Lodge, Montana: First Segment Of Trail - Rawlins To Lander

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245 10|aFreight And Stage Road From Rawlins To Red Lodge, Montana: First Segment Of Trail - Rawlins To Lander
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100 1 |aWyoming State Historical Society, the Wyoming State Archives and Historical Department|ecreator
700 1 |aHouston, Jane|econtributor
700 1 |aLambertsen, Jeanne|econtributor
700 1 |aBeebe, Ruth|econtributor
700 1 |aLambertsen, Jean|econtributor
700 1 |aJensen, Henry|econtributor
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260 |a|bWyoming State Archives and Historical Department and Wyoming State Historical Society|c|g2012-05-24
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520 |aTrek No. 26 of the Historical Trail Treks was hosted by the Carbon County Chapter of the Wyoming State Historical Society in July 1975. The trek covered the first segment (Rawlins to Lander) of the Freight and Stage Road from Rawlins, Wyoming to Red Lodge, Montana. Presentations were made by 1) The Rawlins - Lander (Fort Washakie) Stage Road by Jeanne Lambertsen; 2) How Lost Soldier Station got its name by Ruth Beebe; 3) Harris Road Ranch, Crook's Gap Station and Burnt Ranch Station by Jean Lambertsen; 4) Hailey Post Office and Stage Station on Beaver Creek by Henry Jensen; and 5) Derby Stop by Henry Jensen. Annals of Wyoming cover date Fall 1975 <br><br>ALTERNATE SUBJECTS: Wyoming State Historical Society--Carbon County; Wyoming State Historical Society--Fremont County; Northwestern Mail and Transportation Company; Freight; Derby, Wyoming; Derby Dome; Dallas Dome; White River Stage Line; Rawlins Red; Seven Mile Meadows; Great Divide Basin; Separation Station; Indian Rock Alignment; Crook's Creek Station; Cook's Gap Station; Harris Road Ranch; Bull Springs Station; Concord Stage Coach; Bell Springs; Lost Solider Station; Rongis, Wyoming; Hailey Post Office; Hailey Stage Station; Burnt Ranch Station; Rendle, I. J.; Rendle, Tom; Jensen, Henry; Lambertson, Jeanne; Hailey, Ora; House, A.M.; Taggart, Pete; Magee, Thomas, Dr.; Harris, Ed;
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650 1 |aRawlins-Lander Stage Road (Fort Washakie)
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