Assay Products From Green River Oil Shale 1982

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245 10|aAssay Products From Green River Oil Shale 1982
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100 1 |aM. F. Singleton <br /> G. J. Koskinas <br />A. K. Burnham <br />J. H. Raley|ecreator
700 1 |aWestern Research Institute|econtributor
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520 |aData from 66 material-balanced assays conducted at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Laramie Energy Technology Center, and The Oil Shale Corporation were compiled and analyzed to determine the pyrolysis stoichiometry for Green River formation oil shales originating in and near the Mahogany zone. Shale samples came from four sites in Colorado and one in Utah, and ranged in oil content from 12 to 258 L/Mg (3 to 62 gal/ton). Average values and pairwise correlation coefficients are reported for all data (except sulfur analysis) available on the shales, e.g., elemental analysis of shales and oils, distribution of organic carbon in products, gas composition, and some ratios of elemental composition. The wide range of organic carbon contents made it possible to demonstrate the sensitivity of assay product distribution to oil shale grade. A linear correlation for shale grade as a function of weight percent organic carbon in raw shale is presented. An average stoichiometry for pyrolysis of the organic material is also calculated and compared with others available in the literature.
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