An Assessment Of Opportunities And Market Potentials For Niche Market Products From Western Oil Shale

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245 10|aAn Assessment Of Opportunities And Market Potentials For Niche Market Products From Western Oil Shale
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520 |aSince the inception of the Colony project 20 years ago, shale oil development efforts in this country have been primarily focused on large, 50,000 barrels-per-day types of projects. with projects of this size, only the major fuel markets can accommodate the production. Therefore, the emphasis has been on upgrading and refining shale oil for conventional transportation fuel. However, historically shale oil industries which were established in other parts of the world were able to establish a market entry by providing a variety of products. For the large projects, economics are driven by the need to match existing specifications for products sold into a commodity market. For smaller projects, it is possible that higher value products can be produced that will result in improved economic viability. In June 1987, the Oil Shale Action Committee, a coalition of private industry and government officials from Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, prepared a plan for western oil shale development. The plan defined an economic enhancement program consisting of five points: improved economics of shale, environmental studies, technology development, product upgrading and utilization, and research. This proposal addresses all of the above points. Economics is one of the major components of this study but the other four points are also an intrinsic part of the study. The objective of the proposed project is to assess the market potential for the various products that can be derived from oil shale and shale oil. This assessment will encompass a cradle to grave evaluation, i.e., from initial feasibility studies through site restoration, of an industry producing material for niche markets from western oil shale. The results of this study should expand the present knowledge base for fossil energy, helping to bring more efficient, economically competitive, and environmentally acceptable oil shale options into the marketplace.
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