Replacement Costs Of Domestic Crude Oil

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245 10|aReplacement Costs Of Domestic Crude Oil
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100 1 |aLewin and Associates, Inc. <br /> Washington, D.C. <br />Under Contract No. DEAC01-82FE-30014|ecreator
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046 |k1985-07-01
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260 |a|bU.S. Department of Energy|c|g1985-07-01
655 7|aPaper-Technical Report|2marcgt
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520 |aThe study, "Replacement Costs of Domestic Crude Oil," has been undertaken by Lewin and Associates, Inc., on behalf of IDE Fossil Energy/Office of Planning and Environment (OPE). It serves as input to the ongoing analysis of high risk, long-term technology options in fossil energy being cumulated by the OPE. The specific purpose of the study is to provide information that will assist in planning for an efficient; transition from conventional supplies for future energy sources. While a number of alternative price-supply futures are examined in the study, no judgment is made as to the likelihood or exact timing of their occurrence. This study is neither a prediction nor a projection but rather is designed to explore and seek understanding of alternative assumptions about the domestic resource extraction technologies, and various constraints and their impact on the costs and availability of domestic crude oil supplies.
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500 |aCitation: Replacement costs of domestic crude oil: supply analysis methodology. Volume 2 on 1985 Jul 01, OSTI Identifier:OSTI ID: 6503123; Legacy ID: DE86003277, Report Number(s):DOE/FE/30014-1-Vol.2, DOE Contract Number:AC01-82FE30014, Other Number(s): Other: ON: DE86003277, Resource Type:Technical Report, Resource Relation:Other Information: Portions of this document are illegible in microfiche products. Original copy available until stock is exhausted Research Org:Lewin and Associates, Inc., Washington, DC (USA)
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